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Record Grading

We grade our records under a high intensity halogen flood lamp.

How we visually grade our records:

Mint (M): Album is still sealed in it’s original shrinkwrap and has never been opened.

Near Mint (NM): Album has been opened and most likely played but is blemish free and as close to new as possible.

Excellent Plus (EX+): Album is very close to NM but may show more signs that it has been played. Very minor sleeve wear is possible.

Excellent (EX): Album does show the most minor signs of usage, nothing that would effect sound quality. Light sleeve wear or a minor hairline or two may show. Nothing remotely feelable.

Very Good Plus (VG+): Album will show some signs of wear and may have some light marks, sleeve wear or scuffs. Album should be free of any feelable marks or blemishes that would create skips or jumps or have much effect on sound quality. Basically a solid used copy for those that don’t require their records to be in top flight condition.

Very Good (VG): Album has obvious signs of usage. Blemishes may be feelable. Records in this grade will not skip or jump but there may be times of light surface noise or the occasional rhythmic tick. Some VG records will play perfectly regardless of their visual condition, most will not.

Good & Good Plus (G) (G+): These album we will generally not list online unless they are rather rare or valuable and may still be desirable even in less than decent shape. Albums in these conditions will always be play graded and a description of sound quality given.

How we grade our covers :

Mint (M): Cover is perfect in every way – likely still sealed or in the shrink.

Near Mint (NM): Cover is in fantastic condition and may still be in it’s shrinkwrap. Very, very minor signs of wear may be apparent.

Excellent Plus (EX+): Cover is just shy of NM, may show very minor corner wear of a tiny crease or two. Will often still be in the shrink.

Excellent (EX): Cover is in great shape but will show the most minor signs of usage. Small amounts of wear on the corners or seams are possible, as are a few tiny creases. Very minor ringwear may occur.

Very Good Plus (VG+): Cover will shows signs that it was used. No seam splits or heavy wear, but corners and seams will show wear. There may be the possibility of a previous owners name written on the cover, stickers or dog-eared corners, etc. Cover graphics may have flecking or show a ring from the record. Cover may have a drill hole or notched seam.

Very Good (VG): Cover will show wear on seams and corners. Seam splits are possible. Cover graphics may be worn. Covers with heavy writing on them will earn this ranking.

Good (G): Cover is not in good shape but will still be functional. Generally we will not list albums with covers in this shape unless the album itself is in excellent condition and the cover is the only concern or if the album is extremely rare or valuable and there may still be interest in spite of condition.

Album and cover grading is not an exact science and is subject to the opinion of the grader. We strive to be as precise as possible. If you have any questions about our grading system or a particular item please don’t hesitate to contact us.